James W Morris

Author, Rude Baby

James W Morris

Here are an additional ten statements about James, eight of which are true:

--Drew Barrymore’s cousin


--Graduated from same high school as Larry from The Three Stooges


--Overlooked (so far) for the Pulitzer and Nobel Prizes, but was selected as recipient of “The Spirit of Room 302 Award” (fifth grade) where he was declared “a fine boy” who exhibited qualities of “good sportsmanship, honesty, and being well-informed”


--Has been to the Prado Museum in Spain, The Louvre in France, and dickered with merchants in the central marketplace of Rabat, Morocco, but has never been inside a Starbucks


--Taller than George Clooney


--Rode through the desert on a horse with no name, but fell off and sprained his trapezius


--Achieved second place in a haggis-tossing contest


--His performance as a “background artist” (extra) in Rocky II, though stellar, ended up on the cutting room floor


--Suffered a concussion and thought he was Robin Williams for six hours


--Briefly considered for the role of Furio on “The Sopranos” but the casting director ultimately decided he was “too WASPy and can’t act”